About Us

Wakefield for Refugees is a group of community members based in and around Wakefield (Qu├ębec) Canada involved in sponsoring and resettling refugees to Canada.

The group was established in 2015 to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis. Thanks to the tremendous support from our local community, we successfully sponsored three Syrian families under the Canadian government's Private Sponsorship Program, and supported them during their first full year in Canada. Those families are now permanently settled in the region, working and going to school.

Given the devastating refugee crisis in Ukraine, our group has reconvened to see how we can help. Our aim is to support Ukrainian families with a soft landing upon their arrival in our community, by helping them to find housing, work, childcare, and access to healthcare, among other needs.

Latest Updates

"My Thoughts are Silent" presented by Cinema Wakefield, April 24th
Posted April 15th 2022
Cinema Wakefield will be screening "My Thoughts Are Silent" on April 24th at 4pm, a Ukrainian comedy-drama about an awkward young sound engineer attempting to record the song of a rare mallard as a means of securing a job in Canada. All proceeds are going to support The Canada Ukraine Foundation & Wakefield for Refugees. Tickets are $13 in advance or $15 at the door. Get your tickets today
Volunteer Outreach
Posted April 8th 2022
We are reaching out to our community members to build a roster of volunteers who can help provide Ukrainians with a soft landing when they arrive in our community. We are looking for people who can provide temporary and long-term housing, childcare, transportation, translation, among other needs. If you are able to help please complete our volunteer form.
Ukrainian Outreach
Posted April 2nd 2022
We are seeking Ukrainian families who would be interested in settling in our community, either temporarily or longer-term. Wakefield, Quebec and its surroundings are primarily rural areas established along the Gatineau River. The village of Wakefield has several shops and services, including a hospital and English elementary school, but for most job and educational opportunities, families would need to drive to the larger cities of Gatineau, Quebec or Ottawa, Ontario, as public transportation is limited. Our volunteers are here to help with transportation, as well as other settlement needs.